IV Nutrition Workshop


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Learn how to include an IV therapy or IV nutrition business to your current medical aesthetics practice!

A fast growing and popular trend for antiaging, performance optimization, disease prevention, recovery and many other health benefits, IV Infusion therapy is a cost effective option for many patients that really improves their daily quality of life and their energy levels. Adding this to your practice practically guarantees patient retention and repeat appointments on top of allowing it to become an add-on service for existing appointments.

IV infusion therapy and IV hydration therapy allows an esthetician or practitioner to offer a wide range of IV therapy options from the popular Myers cocktail to advanced NADinfusion therapy for immediate antioxidants.

Our hands on clinical training program will help you perform a visual evaluation of the clients veins and perform the initial IV insertion with comfort and ease. We also teach you how to secure the IV drip line to allow your client a bit of movement as they sit throughout the infusion process.

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Feb 24 2024, Sept 23 2024