IV Therapy Course Onliine


Introducing the IV-Infusion and Injectable Clinic Course with Clifton Dirk King, CRNA at The Injection and Health Institute!

Looking for a complete IV Therapy & Injectable Course that includes a refresher on IV catheter placement, “burping the bag,” IV tubing connection, and IV discontinuation? Full list of ingredients and dosages for IV Therapy Cocktails and Injectables included.

Are you a healthcare provider interested in creating a highly profitable practice with minimal time commitment? Do you want to delegate the work and build a passive income stream? Look no further!

Our brand-new course is the ultimate guide for healthcare professionals looking to establish an IV infusion therapy clinic or injection bar under The Injection and Health Institute. Whether you're starting from scratch or already own a practice, we will teach you how to integrate these in-demand services into your business.

IV-Infusion Clinics and Injection Bars are booming right now, and the demand continues to grow. Patients are seeking these services, and they can result in substantial profits for practice owners.

You'll receive all the necessary documentation to get started, including informed consent forms, intake forms, standing orders, policies and procedures, guidelines, HIPAA policies, IV cocktail protocols.

With an investment of less than $5,000, you can launch your IV-infusion clinic and expect a remarkable return on investment. This course will equip you with everything you need to achieve your goals as a healthcare professional entrepreneur.

Don't wait any longer! Access our course now at The Injection and Health Institute and become a leading provider in the IV-infusion and injection industry. Remember, all our courses are accessible indefinitely after purchase, so you can always refer back to the material.

  • Benefits of offering IV Therapy & Injectables and the personal/financial freedom it can provide
  • Lean startup concepts and business building from the ground up.
  • Mobile considerations
  • Legal considerations, liability insurance, prevention, and guidelines
  • Where to purchase malpractice insurance
  • Complete IV Cocktail protocols and pharmacological considerations
  • Injectable dosages and pharmacological considerations
  • How and where to get the necessary supplies at the best prices
  • Delegation and standing orders included
  • Successful marketing
  • Advanced IV catheter placement. Course includes videos and detailed descriptions on how to safely and effectively place and IV in a “hard stick”
  • IV catheter placement techniques for AC, hand, wrist, ankle and foot

Few if any IV Therapy courses provide a refresher on IV catheter placement, especially for difficult techniques. The techniques taught here come from my personal experience in Anesthesia.